Uncover Your Unique Personal Style, Boost Your Confidence, and Look Amazing… in 6 Weeks or Less!


Style Slay Speak

Virtual Style Coaching Service for Public Speakers

  • BECOME YOUR OWN STYLE EXPERT and always know what to wear. Remove the stress of putting together the perfect outfit – because you always get it right
  • DISCOVER YOUR SIGNATURE STYLE with expert help. Learn how to dress up and down for your personality and your body type to exude timeless elegance
  • DECLUTTER YOUR CLOSET EFFORTLESSLY keep the good, throw out the bad and the ugly to make room for your new stylish, elegant, and luxurious look
  • HAVE THE PERFECT OUTFITS for any all occasions, whether from an important business event or to your BFF’s bestie’s wedding, – without stressing out under a mountain of clothes
  • CREATE A BALANCED WARDROBE that is 100% you at work or at play so that you always look your best without thinking  always get compliments from others – leave fashion disasters in the past!
  • MAKE CLOTHES SHOPPING FUN AGAIN and save hours time by knowing exactly what to wear you want and where to get it – save your energy for more important things like getting to the bag

Is your closet full to overflowing with an incredible choice of nothing to wear?

The struggle is real!

You only have so much time in the morning to find an outfit that you love, yet you spend half that time trying to find something that works…

…Only to fall back on your boring, safe staples that leave you feeling uninspired, even less confident.

Perhaps you feel anxious or depressed, being pressured to find a “that’ll do” outfit before you absolutely have to go out.

You spend hours looking through fashion influencers and celebrities’ social media timelines and wonder how they make everything so effortless.

Even their shopping trips are a fun breeze through cute clothing wonderlands – compared to your fraught, all-day expeditions that never seem to end with an outfit you adore!

Worst of all, you need to look good at work when you’re at the podium, delivering a speech, and all eyes are on you. You want people to see a flash of the real you while seeing a modern professional at the top of their game.

The reality just feels like a mess… with no easy solution in sight.

Why is dressing well so hard?

Why is it so frustrating?

Why does the simple act of getting dressed have to be so overwhelming in the first place?

First things first: don’t give up! If you’ve got 5 minutes to spare, then you’ve got this – and it’s easier than you think!

The Truth Is Simple: You ARE What You Wear…

…Which means you don’t need anyone else’s permission to dress well. It’s your body and your message, which means you’re in complete control.

Or are you?

If opening your closet is like walking into a psychological minefield, then you need a closet that’s on your side – not one full of uninspiring clothes that don’t reflect your personality and where you’re going in your personal and professional life!

It’s easy to forget just how powerful clothes are because we wear them every day. The truth is that clothes reflect who you are inside and your mood…

…And they can even influence your mood and vibe. This influence doesn’t stop there, either: clothes also impact how others see you – and as we all know, first impressions count in the personal and professional world!

If you’re going on a hot date, the last thing you’re going to throw on is your joggers and a raggedy old t-shirt with more holes than ciabatta bread!

Likewise, when you walk out on stage to address an audience full of VIPs, you need a power outfit that makes you not only feel like you fit in.

It also has to give you the authority and confidence to speak and hold their attention while still reflecting who you are.

Pulling a rabbit out of a hat might just be easier than that tall order!

It’s no wonder that so many of us get trapped in our closets, taunted and haunted by clothes that just aren’t good enough. Sure, you could go shopping… but there’s a reason your closet is full of terrors gremlins that brings you negative energy, even if you spend all day agonizing in the mall!

Things get even more complicated when your body shape changes. Losing weight is an incredible feat, but with that physical change comes a whole new wardrobe mindset – and often, a positive body image that you want to show off through new, body accentuating clothes.

Let’s face it, Sis. We love clothes, but it’s all too easy to end up looking and feeling a mess because getting your signature look down is hard AF!

Isn’t it time you took back control of your body and the image you project to others once and for all?

Isn’t it time for you to cut out all this drama and replace it with an effortless wardrobe that makes you feel like a queen every day – for the rest of your life?

Isn’t it time for you to start every day feeling bright and positive, rather than overwhelmed by frustration and dejection?

It’s Time to Change Your Relationship with Clothes.

Let’s Get Serious – This Is About MORE Than Clothes…

My name is Eric Lee Edmonson, a personal branding style coach and the founder of Essence of Style known for curating body-accentuating outfits that exude elegance and unleash my clients’ inner “rich auntie” vibe. I teach public speakers how to uncover their style personality, dress for success and drip with confidence on and off the stage.

In other words, my job is to empower you by aligning your clothes with your personality, your lifestyle, and your professional goals.

My mission goes beyond clothes to helping you. This is so much more than creating a bombass wardrobe. This is about helping you to feel your best no matter what life throws at you.

I’m with you for the journey until you reach your destination – not just to pick out a few cute outfits and call it a day.

I’m here to help you kick out those limiting beliefs and show you how gorgeous you are. I’m here to bring out your inner superstar through clothes that make your soul squeal with delight.

I’m here to give you the knowledge you need to always look perfectly put together in your work and personal life…

…And do it effortlessly.

Introducing the Funnest Glow Up Yet…

Style Slay Speak Virtual Style Coaching

Let’s get one thing clear: you absolutely deserve a luxurious, stylish wardrobe that lets you step out and shine bright with confidence every day.

That’s exactly what Style Slay Speak signature virtual style coaching gives you! The ability to look and feel amazing every day, whether you’re giving the most important speech of your life or looking to make a killer first impression every time you step out no matter what.

Over four to six weeks, we’ll work closely together so you can get a grip on your personal style and brand so that your clothes tell the world who you are.

As each week progresses, you’ll make a real and measurable process not just on what looks good on you – but what fits with your unique style.

  • Color consultation
  • How to slay every day
  • Discover your style personality
  • Define your body type
  • Closet audit
  • …And much, much more!

Together, we’ll throw out the monsters in your closet and replace them with clothes that lift you up.

You’ll kiss goodbye to the frustrations of clothes shopping for life as I show you how to make buying new clothes a lightning-fast breeze.

Most of all, you’ll walk away with a complete education in style – the kind of education that sticks with you for life so you will always know what to wear, even twenty, thirty, forty years from now.

This course is about giving you the independence and confidence you need to express yourself – without constantly needing to consult a personal stylist.

Over the next four to six weeks, we’re going to cover a lot…

1. True You Phase

  • Identify your body type
  • Identify/define your style personality
  • Color consultation to define the colors that compliment you and your brand the best

2. Analyze and Redefine Phase

  • Create your virtual closet
  • Closet audit and organization virtually
  • Define which clothes in your wardrobe align with the “true you” and which ones need to go
  • Virtually curate outfits and load them to your closet for review and purchase

3. Transformation Phase

  • Runway Day: fitting and trying on all-new wardrobe pieces
  • Learn how to style new and existing pieces for your body type so that you can slay in your refreshed wardrobe not just on special occasions but every day


By the end of this process, you will have a whole new outlook and style that’s 100% you. No matter what the hottest trends on the street are, you’re opening the door to a lifetime of stylishness and confidence!

This Isn’t Just About Looking Good – It’s an Investment in Yourself

I wish my name was Harry Potter and I could wave a wand to instantly turn you – along with everyone else! – into a style queen, but that’s sadly never going to happen.

What I can do is give you a style makeover that rivals the results that the world’s best stylists deliver to their clients at a fraction of the cost while giving you knowledge.

Let me explain…

You can go to Hollywood and find a big-name celebrity stylist and easily expect to pay $5,000 for a super-glamorous one-day style makeover…

(…and trust me, you’ll always be a disposable z-lister when their Beyonce calls with an urgent need, no matter how much money you throw at them!)

Or, you can work with me personally and get that same A-lister service for the next four to six weeks – without the $5,000 a day price tag. You’ll get the expert coaching for the glow up you need to make your inner style queen radiate.

In the end, it’s all about making the right choice.

What do you really want to achieve with style coaching?

Make the Choice That Leave You with No Regrets

Imagine your life a year from now.

Are you still going to be staring at a closet overflowing with nothing to wear?

Are you still going to be looking at celebrities and fashion influencers on Instagram, wondering why you always seem to end up with a closet full of clothes that make you feel depressed and frustrated…

…Yet speak nothing of your inner Rich Auntie begging to break out?

Or will you be enjoying the absolutely fabulous feeling of opening your closet and immediately picking out the perfect power outfit? Will you look and feel like a million bucks every day with a look that’s always on point, no matter what?

Don’t forget, Sis: if you keep on doing what you’re doing today, nothing is going to change. You’ll continue to be an imposter, wearing outfits that simply aren’t aligned with the fierce, showstopping public speaking superstar you really are!

(Whether you like it or not!)

That year will flash by in a heartbeat – which means you have a decision to make.

Your Time Is Precious – and Your Style Is Timeless

The Style Slay Speak virtual style coaching program is a 4-6 week one that saves you time and money while giving you the gift of being stylish for the rest of your life, for just $1,797.

Remember, I’m not throwing some gorgeous outfits and a checklist of what not to wear at you, calling it a day, then telling you to come back so we can do it all over again next season.

I’m teaching you the essence of style so that you know your unique style and always dress perfectly for the occasion, no matter what the hottest trends are.

You’re going to get the style and fashion knowledge you need to effortlessly look and feel like a style queen.

More than that…

You’re getting the gift of just knowing…

…For the rest of your life!

You will never need to consult a style coach again in the future!

Nor will you need to spend hours, days, weeks, or even months agonizing over perfecting your style.

Instead, you can look great, feel great, and focus on your job, knowing that what you wear matches who you are – and the message you want to put out.

Will you let me save you weeks, months, years of fashion disasters and trial and error?

Will you let me save you thousands of dollars in trash outfits that end up hanging out with the other misfits in the darkest corner of your closet?

Most of all, will you let me help you unleash your inner style icon so you can get out there and slay, no matter what life throws at you?

If so, all you have to do is click the button below to start your free 30-minute discovery call. We’ll go over what you want, how I can help, and, most importantly of all, find out if we make a good fit.

This is a no-obligations discovery call – and an opportunity to uncover the style-savvy diva you are waiting to break out and start slaying it in your personal and professional life.

So, what’s good Sis?

Are You Ready to Glow Up and Start Slaying?

Then You Know What to Do. Let’s Talk!


  • Will I need to make an investment for the clothing?

Yes, if we end up working together, we will discuss your budget for clothing during our first session.

  • How will I get my clothes since this service is virtual?

You will shop from your virtual closet that will be setup for you to purchase your clothing online and have them shipped to your home.

  • Will this be fun?

Hell yeah!!!!