10 Must-Haves for Creating Your Professional Wardrobe

A personally curated list of the top 10 essential pieces for the professional woman to launch her personal brand and be seen and noticed. 

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In this ebook, you’ll find…

  • The 10 wardrobe items that’ll make it easier for you to get dressed on the daily without the frustration of trying to find something appropriate
  • Closet staples that make it effortless to pick out and put on no matter the occasion – and naturally, looks good on you
  • The start to cultivating your essence of style where you’re comfortable being the fabulously confident woman you know you can be

This ebook is a must in your branding tote bag of goodies because …

… As a woman, you’ll need more than just a blazer and a nice shoe that most men can get away with

… You’ve been feeling stuck and frustrated trying to identify the key wardrobe items on your own and your choice in clothes leaves you unhappy

… Your image defines the types of clients and partners you attract in your career or to your business

A Note from Eric …

Your Personal Branding Style Coach for Public Speakers.

“Look and feel like a million bucks, and feel free to slay every damn day!”

This ebook came out of my work helping ladies return to their fashionable selves, especially after losing weight. I wanted to provide a simple and clear means to start building out a wardrobe of essentials befitting the ultimate professional.

So, download this ebook and I’ll also send you styling tips and guides born out of years of experience as the styling coach for women across the globe.